Toronto Maple Leafs In-Arena Host

The Runnerazzi, as many of you know loves hockey and loves to entertain. One of my close friends from Toronto, sent me a link to a search the Leafs (Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment) were conducting to find a new “In-Arena Host”.  Who could be a better fit? Someone that’s played hockey basically from birth to the present, loves to entertain, has tonnes of on-camera experience on both sides of the camera, loves the Toronto Maple Leafs, can easily fit in to 5 star corporate events and be “Ron Burgundy” at the same time, is an Internet marketer, has kids of his own and loves people!  Moi!

So, the Runnerazzi and the incredible Fernando Blanco “Skip of the Mexican Curling Team” and uber fast runner put together a demo reel for the Toronto Maple Leafs game entertainment scouts. Live from the beaches of Southern California, where the only nets on the beach should be hockey nets, we bring you the next Toronto Maple Leafs, in-arena host!

Maple Leafs In-Arena Host Candidate Out for a Training Run

Update: Toronto Maple Leafs In-Arena Host Auditions Held at the Air Canada Centre

Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment stated they received over 650 in-arena host applications. They have selected just over 50 finalists for tyne first round of auditions.  The first round of auditions will place the finalist in a game day host situation including a 10 minute audition and questionnaire from within the bowl of Air Canada Centre, which will be played simultaneously on the arena’s video board.

From this round of auditions 10 Leafs In-Arena Host candidates will return for a mini-media day in late August. After this, Maple Leaf fans will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite candidate to become the next Toronto Maple Leafs In-Arena Host.

It will be interesting to see who gets this amazing job.

Below are some other Leafs In-Arena Host Auditions that were publicly submitted to Youtube.

****Demo videos where candidates got to the first round of auditions are noted.****

Confirmed Audition

Confirmed Audition

Confirmed Audition













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