Tabatha Hamilton Polygraph Test for Marathon Win

Tabatha Hamilton from Trenton, Georgia was recently disqualified at the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon for split times that just didn’t add up.  Recorded times showed she ran the first half of the marathon in 2:06:51 and then ran the second half of the marathon 11 minutes faster than the men’s half marathon world record.  That is incredible!!  Now as runner’s we all know that timing can be messed up at times, so lets look at some previous history.   Her Athlinks profile shows her personal best marathon time as 4:25:08! After her world record setting pace on the second half she crossed the finish line at 2:54:21 or 2:55:39 gun time.  Ladies and gentleman Tabatha Hamilton should win runner of the year for this drastic improvement. Please share your secrets to running a sub three hour marathon when your previous best was 4:25:09 the world needs to her Tabatha Hamilton’s secrets to success.

Open Proposal to Tabatha Hamilton: Offer Expires: November 25, 2014

The Runnerazzi wants to give Tabatha Hamilton the benefit of the doubt. The fairness of this disqualification can easily be solved by taking a polygraph test. The Runnerazzi will pay Tabatha $2620.00 if she agrees to a polygraph test. She will answer several questions relating to her race win, previous training history and race results. During the polygraph test the Runnerazzi will video record the interview and place the video results on Youtube for the running community to view. Tabatha will sign a model release and the case will be solved. This will be fantastic entertainment. This is an opportunity to make $100 per mile of the marathon course.

Please let us know if you are interested.

Below are Some Recorded Personal Bests as Seen on Athlinks


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