Shark Sighting Wailea Maui Lifeguard Pulls Runnerazzi Out of Water

I was on a training swim out front of the Andaz Resort in Maui when I heard a motorized boat or vessel nearby.  When I popped up to see where and what it was, there was a Maui Ocean Safety lifeguard on a jet ski telling me to get out of the water right away because of a shark nearby.  He was making a fin signal over his head and telling me to get out.  Naturally, I looked back to shore (Mokapu Beach) and the 100 plus yards looked a little further.  I wasn’t wearing turtle cologne or anything but didn’t want to have to out race a shark, so I calmly asked “Can you pull me in?”

I quickly hopped up on the water stretcher attached to the back of his jet ski along with two lady snorkelers and we got pulled back to shore. Growing up in a concrete jungle, I always had a little fear of the ocean, but I’ve conquered my fears and really enjoy open water ocean swims.  The Tiger Sharks are something I always have in the back of my mind and I’m glad I didn’t have to face this one.  This incident was scary and exciting and I am very thankful for the swift response of the Ocean Safety team.  I think if I did swim the 100 plus yards to shore I would have set a new record.  What’s even better is I caught the whole incident on my Gopro Hero 3 camera, I never do training swims with it but on this day I had it on.  Its a shark tail I will never forget.  The Andaz Resort Staff and Beach Crew are amazing!  Mahalo to everyone and especially the lifeguard Terrance Shimada that pulled me out to safety.

Watch the Video Below

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