RWZelle Launched by Runner’s World Magazine

Runner’s World Magazine has recently launched an online portal called RWZelle dedicated to women’s running.  They launched this during the Runner’s World Half Marathon & Festival.  Perfect timing, considering the original RunningSkirts® brand Running Skirts returned for a third year as a sponsor and put on their popular water stop just past mile 8 on the Runner’s World Half Marathon race course.  Runningskirts® organized over 30 volunteers that dressed up in pink morph suits, running skirts and neon compression socks. They gave away thousands of dollars of free running skirts to race participants and made the RWHalf race experience one to remember.

We spoke with Runningskirts® co-founder Cindy Lynch, a sub 3 hour marathoner, mother of two and passionate runner. She said “Everyone at Runningskirts® is a passionate runner and we understand the emotions runners go through on tough parts of the course. Our aid station was located at mile 8 at the top of the hill, all the volunteers dressed up in pink morph suits to provide everyone with a fun and uplifting experience. We wanted to give runner’s a fresh boost.  We gave away thousands of dollars in free skirts and spread out the giveaways throughout the different pace times so everyone had a fair chance. It’s our way of giving back.”

Watch the RunningSkirts® Video from the Runner’s World Half Below


You can visit the new Runner’s World women’s site at

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