My Dream About Tim Hortons Timbits Drone Delivery

I went home to Canada for a visit and one of the first things I always do while driving to Barrie is stop at the first Tim Horton’s along the highway 400. For those of you not familiar with Tim Horton’s, its Canada’s #1 stop for coffee, doughnuts and quick service meals. Its a cultural thing, Canadians crave their Timmie’s and the line ups during rush hour times are off the charts!  I went twice a day during my visit to drink my favorite coffee.

During my stay, I had an incredible dream that my Timbits were delivered by a drone while I was sitting on the deck in a Muskoka Chair. Timbits are called donut holes in the United States. The drone dropped them off to me and I was able to enjoy a Timbit with my coffee.

I finally woke up and realized it was a dream. Hopefully, my dream will become reality some day.

Here’s the video of my dream! To find a Tim Horton’s near you visit Tim Horton’s

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