IAmRonBurgundy Anchorman Ron Burgundy Delivers Final Broadcast

Well there comes a time when even legends like Ron Burgundy have to call it quits.  The Runnerazzi held on to the moustache past November 30th only to be sucked into the vortex of Ron Burgundy Anchorman 2 mania.  It all started around the time of the San Diego Gala Parte for Movember.  EpixHD and Paramount Pics put on an Anchorman 2 impersonation contest.  Sadly, the Runnerazzi missed the auditions but why should you have to audition if you really are Ron Burgundy. So the Runnerazzi / Ron Burgundy along with his Mexican speaking cameraman “The Incredible Fernando Blanco” descended upon the Gaslamp District to show who the real San Diego Ron Burgundy was. The SD audition was won by a super friendly guy, coincedently named Ron who hosted the Movember party. We squared off for some photos on the green screen and the fun begins.

Immediately stepping into the public eye, Ron Burgundy was recognized by fans everywhere. Then came along another Ron Burgundy / Anchorman 2 contest put on by FunnyorDie.com So the following days were packed with interviews, appearances, hair styling to get salon quality hair and much more. Being a legend like Ron Burgundy and hanging around your own town puts a lot of strain on family life, especially Ron’s wife. So the dream quickly wrapped up with an appearance at the movie theater to watch my own movie. Ron’s days were numbered so he quickly sought the “Incredible Fern” to film a final broadcast for the fans.  The broadcast was emotional and it included highlights of the journey.  In the end, Fernando shaved off Ron Burgundy’s moustache and the dream died.  The Runnerazzi is back living in the suburbs with an upper lip as smooth as silk and preening strongly. Special thanks to Will Ferrell, Judd Apatow and Adam McKay for putting out Anchorman 2.  Please enjoy Ron Burgundy’s Final Broadcast …… for this year at least.  Door is ajar, please Anchorman 3, come soon!

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