Drone Knocked Down at LA Kings Stanley Cup Celebration

As some of you know, the Runnerazzi not only plays hockey but is a big fan of the game as well.  Decided to head to Los Angeles to experience a Stanley Cup celebration. Realizing my chances of experiencing this as a Toronto Maple Leafs fan are slim to none I made the long trek up to LA.  Watched an exciting game with the Kings winning 3-2 in double overtime against the New York Rangers.  After watching the game in a local lounge I made my way outside to photograph and video record some of the Stanley Cup celebration.  The crowds were super excited and relatively calm compared to the rioting basketball fans when the Lakers won.

There was a DJI Phantom 2 drone hovering over the crowd not to long after most of the fans poured outside the Staples Center, local restaurants and bars.  Fans started to throw things at the drone to knock it down. After a few near misses and hits, a T-Shirt or some kind of LA Kings merchandise that was thrown knocked it out of the sky. As it was coming down, some guy finished it off by smashing it with his skateboard and the crowd went wild! I posted the video to Youtube and it has since gone viral. Some are suggesting it was an LAPD drone doing surveillance, (personally I do not believe it was). The police were recording video but I don’t believe they were doing so with this Phantom 2. Most likely someone trying to capture some exciting footage of the celebration.  In any event, it was amazing to watch the game and be there for the celebration. Hopefully, the person recording he celebration will post the aerial footage so we can all see it. Photos and videos are below.  Congratulations Los Angeles Kings on the big win!

Photos of Drone Getting Knocked Down at LA Kings Stanley Cup Celebration

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