DJI Ronin Operator San Diego, Los Angeles and Southern California

We’ve recently acquired DJI’s latest handheld stabilization unit called the DJI Ronin.  This is going to make for some eerily smooth videos from the Runnerazzi.  Combine this amazing video stabilization tool with rollerblades and skates and your gonna see some sick action videos.  We’ve been tweaking, tweaking tweaking the ronin for many different applications.  Below you can see a few raw unedited videos taken using the DJI Ronin and a Panasonic GH4 Camera.  These shots were taken while on rollerblades and on the ice at the Iceoplex in Escondido.

Video #1 San Diego Gulls Practice – Shot On Ice High Action

Video #2 Kids on Bicycle, Porsche Carrera, Running, Walking

Video #3 – San Diego Gulls Shootout at End of Practice – Video on Ice

If you’re seeking a DJI Ronin operator in San Diego, Los Angeles, Hollywood or anywhere in Southern California  we are within driving distance. We are also able to travel for productions outside California seeking a DJI Ronin operator.

Special Skills: Videography on ice and rollerblades.

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