Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Disneyland

The Runnerazzi is very excited to have got a registration for the inaugural 2014 Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon to be held at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California November 14th-16th. In fact, some cross training has already started, Batman works out while Robin hangs out. The fact is Robin (AKA The Incredible Fernando Blanco) can run a 1:10 half marathon and Batman (the Runnerazzi) well….. he needs a little more speed.  What Super Hero are you going to be?  Superman? Batman? Wonder Woman? Incredible Hulk? Spider Woman?

It will undoubtedly be the safest half marathon in the history of running races.  With that many super heroes running, the security will have lots of back up.   Well, no more time for blogging, have to start training, there’s a lot of pressure being a Super Hero.  See you soon Disneyland! For More Information

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