The Runnerazzi is seen at races all across the nation, snapping race photos and recording video of the world’s greatest runners to the first timer crossing the finish line. The Runnerazzi covers a wide variety of race events: from  5K’s to major marathons to full ultra distance races. We also cover triathlon and other endurance sports (the Runnerazzi is also an Ironman).

As endurance athletes, we know our way around the race scene.  We can help race directors, endurance brands, athletes and much more create compelling digital media stories for multi purpose use.  Be sure to share your Runnerazzi photos and video with other runners and spread the joy of running. View celebrity running photos taken by the Runnerazzi and see more race photos on the Runningpage official Facebook page.

The Runnerazzi and the incredible Fernando Blanco have also launched the Preening Collection.  A collection of Preen Strong running tees, exclusively available through the Runnerazzi. Show your digits and preen strong. Couch potatoes are also welcome, our 0.0 is perfect!